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Please note that we are aware of the iOS 7 issues, we are working diligently to get an update out. Gray’s Atlas of Anatomy iPad Edition is the perfect companion to either the print or iPad version of Gray’s Anatomy for Students 2E. It presents a vivid visual depiction of human anatomy, correlated with appropriate clinical images and surface anatomy – essential for proper identification in the dissection lab or for course exams. •More than 900 exquisite anatomic illustrations of unrivalled quality •Logically organized to progress from superficial to deep orientation •Visualize the relationship between anatomical structures and surface landmarks using 85 surface anatomy photographs overlaid with anatomical drawings •Compare anatomical structures with 270 state-of-the-art CT, MRI, ultrasound, and x-ray images juxtaposed to relevant anatomical illustrations •Recognize anatomical structures as they are observed in the clinical setting with laparoscopic, endoscopic, ophthalmoscopic, and otoscopic images. The iPad Edition provides the following features: •Complete Content and Full HD Illustrations •Scrollable Thumbnails of all Illustrations •Super Fast Searchable Index •Pinch and Zoom Figures •Turn labels on or off •Save Images to My Photos •Add Notes to Pages or Figures •Index to Notes Contents: 1.The Body 2.Back 3.Thorax 4.Abdomen 5.Pelvis and Perineum 6.Lower Limb 7.Upper Limb 8.Head and Neck

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