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4.5 out of 5

About Dominoes Pad & Scorecard

Dominoes Pad is a scorecard for Dominoes fans that want to get rid of the pencil and the paper. Keep the score of the game in this intuitive application and focus on crushing your opponent.

● Paper like dominoes scorecard
No more pencil and paper. Dominoes Pad provides a simple scorecard for your dominoes games!

 ● Dominoes Pad Customization
Whether you are playing with teams or free for all, you can customize your dominoes pad to specify teams or players names.

● Local Leaderboards
Keep track of who is winning games using your Dominoes Pad. Every time you enter a new player or team, it gets added to the leaderboard automatically. You can check for top players and teams!

● Score configuration
You play for 200? 500? Dominoes Pad allows you to configure the game score as you want. From 25 to 10,000!

● Share Game Results
Your friends and family can see how good you are playing dominoes by sharing the complete Dominoes Pad via Facebook, Twitter or any other app. Everyone can see how the game was scored play by play!

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