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The mail app for iPhone and iPad lets you take your email and cloud wherever you go.

The free mail app brings comprehensive functionality to your mobile device. Perfect for iPhone and iPad users, the free email app from puts a wealth of productivity tools directly into your hand. Check all your email addresses and view your cloud documents from one centralized mailbox – wherever you go. Enable push notifications to ensure you never miss an important message again. Discover the many features of the email app and get your emails whenever you need them, wherever you are.

What customers are saying:

"Everything you could wish for. Simply open, read, delete, done. No frills or 1000 options to subscribe or play. Thanks"
"Good stuff. The way email should work today!"
"Cool. I have been using this app for such a long time and I would not change."
"Best email account in the world. Thank you"
"Great app! Convenient, easy to navigate"

Reliable and secure e-mail

The free email app is optimized for use with a free email account by 1&1. With an email account you can select from our 100+ email domains, like and Ideal for business emails, our mail app lets you set personalized notifications and use many organizational features that our webmail solution provides. This means you can easily access your contacts and synchronize them with the contacts on your iPhone. The email client for iOS enabled devices also includes powerful security features to ensure your communications are never compromised.

The free email app for iOS is simple to install and intuitive to use. You can even make it the default mail app on your iPhone. This makes managing your mails a breeze – giving you the opportunity to write, reply and organize your mail wherever you go. Syncing your inbox between multiple devices is also possible, allowing you to move seamlessly from your iPhone to your iPad without breaking your concentration.

Cloud storage and emails in one

With freemail you also get 2GB of reliable cloud storage for free. Store e-mail attachments, photos, documents and more in your Cloud and your online file manager is right at your fingertips in this combined e-mail and cloud app. The app will automatically sync not only every message in your inbox but all the files in your cloud storage, so you can access them whenever and wherever you are online. Just open the app and get started! You can even activate automatic photo backup from your iPhone or iPad to your Cloud and keep your precious memories safe in our secure online storage.

All you need to do is sign up for a freemail account from and download the app to enjoy these great features:

• 100% free to download
• iPhone optimized
• Convenient push notifications
• Increased security through PIN or biometric authentication
• Mobile access to your contacts
• Integrated cloud with automatic photo backups
• Customizable interface
• 100+ email domains available to create email address of your choice
• Sync automatically with web browser email client
• Set as default mail app on iPhone or iPad
• Convenient folder and file manager in Cloud

We’d love to hear what you think and we welcome your feedback and user experiences with the iPhone and iPad app. Contact us today and help us improve your email experience.

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