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About Mahjong∘

It's funny. Our iPads and iPhones keep us connected to the world -- which is great -- but it can mean that we feel busy all the time.

Are you making sure to take some time for yourself? And what do you do when you get those little gaps of time where you can't do anything useful? You check Facebook -- now what?

Mahjong Solitaire by Dogmelon is ideal for these moments.

The screen is simple, uncluttered. Playing is relaxing, calming.

The search for matching tiles encourages your mind to ACTUALLY focus. Look for the free mahjong tiles and eliminate them.

It's one small thing you can do each day to help keep your brain sharp, and your mind relaxed.

Fun fact: other names for Mahjong Solitaire include Shanghai Solitaire, and Taipei.

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