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Parker Stech
4.7 out of 5

About Nomo - Sobriety Clocks

Hi! My name is Parker. I'm not a company. I'm just a guy in recovery who made Nomo as a tool to keep me on track and motivated. Nomo is short for, "No More". It's a passion project of mine and I hope it helps you as much as it has been helping me! I spent the last year and a half completely recoding Nomo from scratch

If you're looking for a simple clock that can track the number of days you've been sober/clean/etc, then Nomo is perfect for you. You can create as many clocks as you need for any hurts, habits, or hang ups. Your clocks are completely private by default and will count those days for you.

If you're looking for something more, just check under the hood. Nomo has tons of optional features like an encouragement wall from the community, accountability partner searching, clock sharing, private messaging with partners, milestone awards, journaling, little games/exercises to help you refocus when you're tempted, and tons more!

What makes Nomo so great?

• Create as many sobriety clocks as you need

• Find accountability parters!

• Share selected clocks with accountability partners

• Send a notification to partners when you're feeling tempted

• Send/Receive notifications when a clock has been reset

• Get a detailed breakdown of your progress down to the minute

• See how much money you've saved by not supporting your habit

• Earn chips when you reach certain milestones in your recovery

• Share your success on Facebook and Twitter

• Submit and read encouragements from the community

• View all of your chips at once to keep you encouraged

• Tap the “check in” button on your shared clocks to show accountability partners that you’re active in your sobriety

• Mini-distraction exercises to help you refocus when you’re feeling tempted

• Prevent someone from accessing your Nomo app with a secure PIN and/or Face/Touch ID.

Nomo is perfect for anyone recovering from Alcohol, Anger, Body Dysmorphia, Benzodiazepines, Caffeine, Cheating, Chewing Tobacco, Codependency, Contact, Control, Exercise, Depression, Dermatillomania, Drugs, Fighting, Food, Gambling, Hallucinogens, Hoarding, Inhalants, Internet, Kleptomania, Laziness, Lying, Masturbation, Nicotine, Onychophagia, Opioids, Painkillers, Perfectionism, Pornography, Procrastination, Pyromania, Relationships, Self-harm, Sex, Shame, Smoking, Social Media, Shopping, Steroids, Stimulants, Stress, Sugar, Tanning, Texting, Trichotillomania, Tobacco, Video Games, Work, or any other kind of hurt, habit, or hangup. I hope it’s a valuable tool for you in your recovery.

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