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About iZurvive - DayZ Maps

iZurvive provides you with DayZ and Arma 3 maps including loot spawns, landmarks and city names. Join a group with your friends and coordinate your gameplay with shared markers and shapes on the map. Always updated with the maps and information of the latest patch.

The app contains high-resolution maps for Chernarus, Livonia as well as community made maps like Namalsk, Deer Isle, Chiemsee, Rostow, Esseker, Takistan, Banov, Swans Island and Pripyat. Many more maps for Arma 3 and the original DayZ Mod are also available.
Most of the maps are available as satellite or topographic versions.

Navigate the map via landmarks, town signs and images of buildings. Entered a town but not sure where you are? Search for the city name in the map search.
Use the distance measurement to accurately zero your scope or to plan your next route including the travel time.

Find the gear and food you need by filtering the map for certain loot spawns. Learn more about a specific loot spot with detailed information like images and categories of items which are able to spawn.

Join a group with your teammates! You can place markers and mark areas on the map which will be instantly synchronized with everyone in your group. Locating and coordinating your team in the huge open world of DayZ and Arma 3 has never been easier.

All guns & weapons available in the game with detailed information about ammo & attachments and where you can find them.

Looking for people to play with? Browse through an extensive list of diverse communities and join one that looks interesting to you.

What other DayZ players are saying about iZurvive:

“This is the best app ever 4 dayz always updated and innovative” - Run-tmt

“This app has been a life saver so many times in game. I just started playing a week ago and idk what I would do without iZurvive.” - Pandamonium502

“This app let me find the boys and finally we are together” - dinocooper

“This is a great app for dayz maps and more. It’s a go to anytime I am lost or need a route to plan out. Simply the best! Fully customizable to meet your needs and what you want on your screen.” - Kase da ace

For any questions, or if you feel that we should really have a certain feature in the next version, please contact us: support@izurvive.com

This app is not affiliated with Bohemia Interactive.

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