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About Hungerstation

Rely on HungerStation to bring you your order the FASTEST because time is precious!
Name it and we’ll deliver whatever you need. We’ve got you covered with 20000+ restaurants and stores in 72+ cities across KSA & Bahrain.
What is Hungerstation?
Hungerstation is the largest delivery platform/app in the region, we deliver in 72+ cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Kingdom of Bahrain.
Here’s how to place your order:
- Home? Office? Choose 1 location or more to get your needs delivered to your doorstep.
- Looking for an offer? We’ve dedicated a page with multiple offers to suit your needs.
- Looking for a specific restaurant or product? Click on the search button and type it right away.
- Did you find what you need? Awesome! pick whatever you want from the menu and add it to your basket
- After you finish picking your order, you can give us all the minor details that you want. No ketchup? Extra mayo? Done & DONE!
- Select a payment method, place your order to check out, relax, and wait for your order!
- For your 1st order, Enjoy unlimited free delivery for 30 days on whatever you want.

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