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About eTraffic

This application is provided in collaboration with Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), United Insurance Company, Ministry of Oil (MOO) and Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA), in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to allow users to benefit from the following services:
- My Traffic Record
- View Driving Licenses, Vehicle and Plate Numbers Ownerships
- Update Contact Details
- Quick Services which include:
1. Payment of Traffic Contraventions
2. Vehicle Registration Renewal
3. License Registration Renewal
4. Discount of Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees
- Traffic Accidents Services which include:
1. Report Traffic Accidents
2. Traffic Accident Acknowledgment
3. View Reported Traffic Accidents
4. Insurance Companies Locator
- Speed Cameras Locator
- Traffic and Inspection Centers Locator
- Vehicle Authorization for King Fahad Causeway which includes:
1. Issuance of Vehicle Authorization
2. Manage Issued Vehicle Authorizations
3. Authorization Validity Verification
- King Fahad Causeway Insurance
- Fuel Services which include:
1. Fuel Stations Locator
2. Fuel Enquiry
- Related Services which include a bundle of services related to the app.

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