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Aaron Kwok
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About Stickers for WhatsApp & Maker

First stickers app on app store, start with 2013.
Stickers App is constantly improving and adding new features, I hope everyone likes it.

- 1. Daily Sticker Packs: Tons of Stickers, add stickers to WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal & Telegram 2. Photo Editor with Stickers 3. AI Sticker Generator 4. Animated Stickers 5. Sticker Maker

*** Daily Sticker Packs ***
- A lot of static and animated sticker packs…Animals, Cartoons, Cats, Celebrities, Dogs, Emojis, Feel, Festival, Hk Style, Love, Neon, Text, Tv / Movie…New sticker pack every day. You can export Sticker Pack to WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal & Telegram.

*** Photo Editor ***
- A lot of sticker packs “Photo Editor with Stickers”…new sticker pack every day.

*** AI Sticker Generator ***
- Create custom stickers with the AI sticker generator
- Effortlessly personalize your visuals, tech, and online conversations with AI-generated stickers that perfectly fit your vision and character. All you need to do is describe the kind of sticker you have in mind in a short text prompt, select an artistic style, and the AI sticker generator will realize your vision into a sticker. It’s that simple.

- Unlimited Generates.
- Image To Image, Random Prompt
- 20 Styles: Sticker, Realistic, Anime, Ink Painting, Realistic Anime, Cyberpunk, Mecha, Comic, Sketch, 3D Render, Oil Painting, Cartoon, Figure, Abstract Art, Photographic, Elf, Sci-Fi, Portrait, Digital Art & Painting.
- Square, Portrait and Landscape Images.
- Generate 4 Images at a Time.

AI sticker generator is trained with billions of parameters. It has the exact and necessary power to convert your fantasy into a realistic design. It is the best sticker-designing tool because:

- It has an advanced and up-to-date machine-learning algorithm.
- It has billion of pre-trained parameters.
- Easy to use, very fast, and cost-effective.
- Can generate a lot of variations of the same prompt.
- Can generate smooth and fresh designs.

Can also generate any images you want!!!

*** Animated Stickers ***
- A lot of animated sticker packs...Animals, Cartoon, Cats, Celebrities, Dogs, Emojis, Festival, Funny, Hk Style, Love, Text, Tv / Movie…New sticker pack every day. You can export Sticker Pack to WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal & Telegram.

*** Sticker Maker ***
Animated Sticker Maker Feature:
- Video to Animated Sticker
- Custom library with 1:1 custom crop
- Copy to Clipboard/Paste from Clipboard

Static Sticker Maker Feature:
- Photo to Sticker
- Custom library with 1:1 custom crop
- 100 Shapes
- Adjust border size, Color, Gradient, Adjust and Text
- Copy to Clipboard/Paste from Clipboard

Create as many sticker collection as you want.

*** Family Sharing ***
- You can share subscriptions products to family members.

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Stickers is a third party App. The developer of this software is Not sponsored by or affiliated with WhatsApp Lin. in any way.

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