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iAvoid Food Allergy is a simple and user-friendly app that helps to identify and avoid products and ingredients responsible for the eight most-common food allergies. The app delivers to the user publicly available content from respected sources, such as Food Allergy Research and Education website, in an easy-to-navigate manner. WARNING: This application and the information that it contains do NOT constitute medical advice and should NOT serve as the basis for any medical decision by you or anyone else. Please consult with a physician or other medical professional should you have questions regarding information contained in this application. Limitations: The content of this application is generic ( not tailored to an individual ) and serves to increase awareness of food allergy. It's important to keep in mind that, though the allergen list is thorough, it is not exhaustive. There are allergens outside of this list that could trigger an allergic reaction. We strongly encourage anyone who has a known food allergy or who is concerned about food allergy to talk with a physician. Credits: Arina Melkozernova - http://www.behance.net/arinaM - Art Work. Food Allergy Research & Education - www.foodallergy.org - comprehensive food allergy resource.

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