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About Aha World: Create Stories

Jump into Aha World and create your own unique role playing games. It’s a mini world full of fun characters, amazing locations, and adorable animals. (There are also some not-so-adorable monsters, so watch out!)

Experience The City and all its bustling fun! Cook in style at the revolving restaurant, keep the streets clean at the Police Department, or take a relaxing walk in the city park. Outside The City, more adventures await! Ever wanted to explore a medieval Viking town? A magical dragon island? Play dinosaur games in a Jurassic park? In Aha World you can do and be anything. Come and unlock the hidden mysteries and secrets across all the locations. Aha World's building games and dress up dolls mean if you can dream it, you can make it!

Aha World is designed for you to explore and create. Decorate and furnish your house. Pick up and play fun games with every item you find. Express yourself by creating stories with original characters in the unique locations of Aha World. Make friends with a sea monster, climb to the top of a lighthouse, or play cute animal games. With a nearly endless number of interactive items, characters, and settings, there's no limit to what you can do!

Will you choose the ultimate Pink Dream Mansion to decorate and call home? Or do you prefer the outdoor life in the Motorhome? Maybe downtown in the Studio Apartment! It's your home to design and decorate exactly how you want. If you choose the Villa, don't forget to invite your friends over to the pool party!

Choose from hundreds of faces, outfits, makeup, and accessories to create your own customizable characters! Will they be glamorous, cute, or just downright weird? Play dress up games YOUR way!

Everyone in Aha World is under your control! Choose your characters' expressions, give them a voice, make them move and dance, and (if you dare) make them fart! The only limit is your imagination.

Adventure through all the locations of Aha World — each filled with hundreds of fun and hilarious elements. Play with items to discover hidden plots and character quirks. You'll never guess what happens when you feed hot sauce to a T-Rex!

The only rule in Aha World? THERE ARE NO RULES! Let your imagination run wild and record the silliest scenarios you can think of. Create your own interactive story: Rowdy raccoons play catch in the spa? Sure! A crazy crab goes surfing? Why not?!

- Aha World does not use in-game ads — play fun games with no ads!
- Regular updates with amazing new locations, outfits, and accessories!
- No internet? No problem! Aha World is one big offline game!
- Lots of free locations and more in the Store

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We make apps and learning games for kids and teens that parents love! Our range of products lets kids of all ages learn, grow, and play. Check out our Developers Page to see more.

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