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About Panic Alarm Personal

This application emits a siren for emergencies.
Pressing the button on the first screen will cause the siren to sound continuously.
The volume of the siren can be controlled by adjusting the volume on the smartphone.
The type of siren can be selected from three types from the settings screen.
SMS and e-mail applications can be activated to send pre-set messages.
GPS information (location information) is recorded on your smartphone while the application is running.
The location information is recorded as a history.
Location information (latitude and longitude) can be sent to third parties via the smartphone's messaging function or e-mail.
The developer of this application does not obtain the user's location information.

This application does not guarantee operation during emergencies.
Please understand that the application may not work properly depending on the radio wave conditions at the user's location, power supply conditions, and the application's operating conditions.

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