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Police Rage: Cop Game

AI Games FZ
3.7 out of 5

About Police Rage: Cop Game

Hey, Sheriff! Your city is struck by crime, violence, and corruption! It's not the time to play cops and robbers! Start your police car, chase dangerous criminals, and give your citizens a chance to live a better life in this cop game.

Police Rage is an action-packed adventure-filled police simulator. Take on the role of a real police officer and rid the city streets of crime. Play and prove you are worth your police badge.


Patrol city streets to arrest and imprison the culprits invading your place. Don’t be afraid to give the hot police pursuit or engage in a firefight against local gangs. Become the best policeman or police woman in this cop game, and protect the city!


The more lawbreakers you arrest, the higer your salary that you can spend on upgrading your police station. Hire more police officers, enlarge your prison, or upgrade any department to make the police work more efficient!


As soon as you clean from crime one city district, you will be offered to travel to another one to fight culprits and thieves there! The tasks will become more difficult with each stage of this cop game you unlock! Do you have what it takes to make the entire metropolis crime-free?

What are you waiting for? Get into a police car and start chasing criminals. Download and play Police Rage right now and become a formidable crime fighter protecting civilians. You’ll definitely love this action cop game!

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