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About VPN : Proxy Master

Browse the internet faster and securely with VPN Proxy Master. Protect your privacy, secure your data and keep your identity anonymous. You can choose from many VPN destinations all over the world. VPN Proxy Master offers you a fast and secure VPN connection anytime anywhere. You can use VPN Proxy Master for many reasons such as to protect your privacy, secure your data, play mobile games faster, stream your favorite platform faster, and much more.

You can turn any public wifi to a secure connection by using VPN Proxy Master. Don’t forget to activate your VPN connection from VPN Proxy Master before connecting to a public wifi to protect your phone and personal data. Encrypt sensitive information using variety of internet protocols to protect your data in public and browse the internet anonymously without worries.

VPN Proxy Master offers fast and secure internet servers for you. Just open the app, choose a location you want and tap connect. VPN Proxy Master will do the rest for you! There are no limits in VPN Proxy Master, so stay online as long as you want and enjoy fast and secure VPN connection. VPN Proxy Master uses anonymous servers for your internet safety and protection. VPN Proxy Master does not collect any data or track you.

VPN Proxy Master secures your internet activities using servers in many different parts of the world. You can hide your digital footprints and browse internet anonymously. Enjoy fast and secure VPN connection with VPN Proxy Master. Start browsing online with the best VPN tool! Remove the limits of interned and unlock unlimited fast speed connection with VPN Proxy Master. Download the VPN Proxy Master app for free now!

Key Features of VPN Proxy Master:
- Enjoy fast VPN connection.
- Choose from many locations.
- Hide your identity & browse anonymously.
- Secure your data from hackers.
- Protect your privacy when using a public WiFi hotspot.
- Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited Fast Speed.
- No registration or login required to use VPN Proxy Master.
- No data is collected or logs are saved.
- Simple fast unlimited VPN connection with one tap.

VPN Proxy Master is the best way to have a private, fast and secure internet connection. Use VPN Proxy Master to hide your online activities in public Wifi from hackers. Hide your IP address and location with VPN Proxy Master and enjoy browsing the internet with fast VPN connection. VPN Proxy Master brings you a one tap VPN connection where it only takes one tap to set up a secure and fast VPN connection.

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