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Night Survivors: Survival Game

3.4 out of 5

About Night Survivors: Survival Game

Night Survivors is a horror themed tower defence and survival strategy mobile game that you can battle in real time. Your only quest is to protect the castle! Battle against the monster or be the last survivor before time is up! Leave the classic zombies behind and fight against the real monster.

Get rid of the soul monster in the castle and become a survivor in the dark of the night. You must explore an empty room in the castle and go to bed as soon as possible.

Close the door, upgrade your bed level and the room’s defence so you can continue to survive. BAM BAM! Don't stay silent, time to show your ultimate power.

The invasion begins! The soul monster roams in the castle angry and hungry. You must quickly strengthen your talents and defend yourself with weapons while you are hiding. Build your defence strategy strong enough, then you can survive and succeed.

Play game and do your best until time runs out, whoever collects more gold and defends well wins!

No one wants to be caught by this terrible beast. Survival is by defeating the monster and being the hero, right?. If you want to survive the next night, you have to make it!

Do your gold and gem economy. There are 3 other players who want to survive by hiding in the rooms and there is one monster. The monster really wants to break down the doors. Buy a turret, upgrade your door, then monster has to run away!

If you get caught, it's game over! Every night here is a new epic experience. Let's see if you'll be able to stay alive in all this action.

Very pro gameplay and amazing features!

- Play with your favourite character.
- Try to collect gold, you need to save to buy equipments.
- Release the skill and get money faster.
- Each time in the game, you will encounter a stronger monster. You must constantly increase your energy, craft your powerful weapons.
- Build a powerhouse that makes energy.
- The level of the room door and turrets in the castle should be able to compete with the level of the monster.
- 10 different nights and difficulty levels await.
- Fun and addictive gameplay for all.

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