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About whoo - your world

Why did we create whoo?

Hello new friends!

We’re so happy to finally launch whoo, and are grateful to all those who helped us during our test run.

We set out to make an app that was better than other location sharing apps on the market. There are many of them out there, yet we felt that they all lacked that certain something. But why is that?

The answer is simple - they aren’t any fun!

They look the same, and offer the same standard location sharing features.

whoo is different from other apps. We believe it’s important to have fun, and so we’ve packed a lot of fun into whoo. But whoo isn’t just a fun app, it’s also sleek, easy-to-use, and addictive, and we’re sure you’ll agree!

It’s never too late to start your adventure with us.

See you on whoo!

- the whoo team

English translation by Maya Jones

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