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About Love Drawing-AI Art Color Book

For those cute girls who like to paint and color by numbers and relieve stress, this app is an analog drawing board just for you! Draw on the phone without getting your hands dirty can also fully enjoy the fun of painting! There are a variety of drawing boards, such as rainbow board, doodle board, coloring board, small black board, support marker drawing and crayon drawing, each board has a variety of colors and tools, such as LCD version, small black board, crayons, chalk and markers, etc., the maximum degree of restoration of the effect of painting and tools, immersive experience drawing fun!

In addition to the drawing board and tools, the rainbow drawing board also has a lot of lovely analog drawing tools, such as glitter and lace pens, so that we can draw more beautiful works, and there are many background lines and backings to choose from, such as landscape, animals, people and rainbow transition colors, easy to creative and enjoy the sense of accomplishment brought about by the process!

Finally, the Rainbow Board has a lot of great looking cards that we can color, not only to work on aesthetics, but also to relax and improve our focus! All in all, Rainbow Paint Board is really a superb drawing app, so let's try it out!
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