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Cozy Knitting: Color Sort Game

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About Cozy Knitting: Color Sort Game

Sort, knit, and repeat! Solve this color puzzle, and you’ll be tickled pink!

Looking for a fun way to spend your time or chill out? We’ve got you covered with this top-notch puzzle-solving game! Our sort puzzle took the intuitive mechanics from water-sort and ball-sort genres, managed to thread it with colorful graphics, and knitted it all together to create one of the most engaging free puzzle games for you to enjoy!

Color match yarn and tread through the levels of our sort-color game to crack every puzzle. Move threads between clothing items to get the correct coloring match and materials for your knitting missions. Yep, in our fun puzzle game, you can even create clothes. Get your yarn ball rolling—start color-matching this puzzle now to unwind!

Match every happy color
Our sort color game will tangle yarn in everything: mittens, jackets, and even shorts! Tap to pick the yarn from one item and add it somewhere else, to color sort it and solve the puzzle. You can combine only the threads of the same color in this color-matching challenge. And don’t run out of free spots for sorting, or you’ll have to start from scratch!

Customize your sort puzzle
Personalize your sorting experience with our fun puzzle game! Earn rewards by completing color games and use them to pick the yarn type. A wide choice of yarn—from puffy to beaded—will help you color match every puzzle. You can also switch the items and try to color sort shorts instead of mittens. Explore endless options in our sorting game!

Start knitting your wardrobe
Immerse yourself in the fashion world with our captivating sorting game! Unravel each color puzzle to get more yarn and unleash your creativity by crafting a dress in a happy color, a stylish tee, or even a fabulous swimsuit! Dive into the world of color games and start sorting your way up to become the knitting legend!

Try a new twist on string art
Ever done string art? It’s incredibly soothing—and so is our sort puzzle! This free puzzle game for relaxation will quickly become your fave if you’re a fan of water-sort or ball-sort puzzles! After all, what could be cozier than knitting? With its colorful process of sorting, engrossing coloring match mechanics, and stunning graphics, our sort-color game will impress you!

Pick our puzzle-solving game over any other water sort puzzle or color sort and feel the difference! Download this captivating color puzzle now, take your nicest yarn, and sort ‘em all!

Ensure this sorting game won’t tangle any thread! Get color matches right, solve every sort puzzle, and create your clothes!

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