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Calculator - Pad Edition

Ratha Sou
4.7 out of 5

About Calculator - Pad Edition

Designed to fill in for the missing calculator app on the iPad with simplicity and functionality.

This app features the modern design of flat UI of iOS which look like original built-in app. Users can make basic calculation in portrait and handy scientific calculation in landscape.

It provides all scientific functions such as root, power, factorial, exponential, divisions, and logarithm are supported. Including trigonometric functions like sine, cosine, tangent, arch, and more.

Solve fraction math problem quickly and easily with fraction calculator.

Includes international currency conversion and variety of units conversion categories.

Tip calculator to calculate tip percentage for food and drink on the fly.
Save time when use bill splitter, and tip exactly what you mean to, no more, no less.

• All functions like the original calculator app
• Basic calculation in portrait
• Scientific calculation in landscape
• Manual basic & scientific calculator switching in portrait or landscape orientation
• Access result and do calculation on widget
• Switch between Degrees and Radians calculations
• Make more complex calculations with Memory buttons
• Simply swipe on the digits to delete a single wrong digit

• Currency converter with daily updated exchange rates in the universal currency
• Freely convert units from variety of categories
• All catalogs in converter include: Currency, Area, Data, Length, Mass, Velocity, Temperature, Time, Volume, Acceleration, Angle, Current, Energy, Force, Illumination, Inductance, Magnitude, Power, Pressure, Radiation and Torque

• Built-in fraction calculator to solve fraction math
• Display result in proper fraction, improper fraction or decimal number

• Calculate tip of bill on the fly
• Split the bill to share with others
• Simply swipe to round any number of total, tip, or per person
• Built-in share function to easily share the number with others

• View whole calculation equation in calculator
• Check previous calculation with history
• Copy and paste numbers from or into display
• Support split view multitasking
• Support external hardware keyboard input

• Get new feel of different looks with multiple themes
• Easy one-hand usage with resizable and draggable interface
• Pinch to scale calculator size
• Quick actions by tap and hold calculator area
• Buttons feedback sound to ensure you touch the buttons correctly

• To add widget in iOS 14 or later, scroll to the bottom of the widget list, tap Edit, tap Customize, add Calculator widget, and tap Done.

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