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About Petcube - Pet Cam & Online Vet

Petcube is a secure, smart, fun pet camera and online vet help app, connecting thousands of pets, pet parents, and vets!

With Petcube, keep your pet healthy - physically and mentally.

Beat pet separation anxiety
Monitor your pet live with a pet cam right from your phone and react timely with smart alerts on barking and weird behavior. Talk to your pet with a two-way microphone and auto-record videos of precious moments with a Care plan.

Reveal the secrets of the night
Were curious about what are your pets doing while you’re asleep? Now you can spy on them even at night, with Petcube cam’s night vision, you’re all set!

Unlock more fun with your pet
Some Petcube cameras are even smarter, allowing you to play with your pet with a laser toy or fling treats anytime you want! Order your Petcube cam on our pet-friendly website:

Get unlimited online vet help
Instant access to 24/7 licensed vets from Petcube app with unlimited chats, follow-ups, personalized care, and health tips. Now you’re in a control, talk to a vet when you have time to, no vet appointment or pet camera is needed!

Protect your pet and your pocket
Get your $3000 emergency coverage for life-threatening situations for one of your six pets once a year. Now you’re prepared for any unpredictable scenario your pet might be involved in. Never ever consider your pet's vet bill coverage versus your budget options.

Join Petcube, join a community of pet lovers!

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