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Start your personal concert and singing worldwide karaoke songs on YouTube. No subscription, No monthly fee for storage and hot songs, No song download needed, and all songs you can sing on YouTube is FREE. Features- SEARCH SONGS: -Find song by searching YouTube's video, channel, and playlist. 3 MODES TO SING: -Continuous Singing Mode - find songs, add them to queue, singing songs in sequence just like singing in karaoke shop. -Practice Mode - choose one song you'd like to practice and set A-B segment for automatic looping. -Record Mode - select one song, record any segment and duration of the song you like. VOCAL REDUCTION: -Want to lower the original vocal sound? - Try KalaTube's Vocal Reduction. -Heard karaoke song in left channel with vocal sound in right channel? - Try KalaTube's L-R Separation to hear only karaoke channel in stereo headphone. MIC EFFECT: -Real-time Reverb and Echo effect for microphone, adjust parameters suitable for you any time. PITCH(KEY) CHANGE: -Adjustable +/-4 semitone for song. EXPORT AND SHARE: - Conventional iTunes File Sharing: export recorded audio file (.m4a) to your connected PC. - Directly export preferred recorded file to photo library (.mp4) for further application like iCloud share or Facebook upload (iOS7). - Export recorded audio (.m4a) via Open-In to other supported app. *IMPORTANT: - KalaTube is for personal practice and entertainment purpose only. - KalaTube depends on YouTube's service and YouTube Inc. has the right to change service without notification in advance. - KalaTube always chooses the best available video quality for recording. For the reason of making pleasant and smooth record, if the streaming data is insufficient in "Record" mode, current recording will stop. - It strongly suggests for device model of iPhone 4S or later and iPad 2 or later, otherwise please don't purchase full upgrade.

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