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RecycleNation is an innovative mobile app designed to increase responsible recycling rates nationwide by making recycling easier for everyone involved. The location-based app enables users to search for recycling locations, find places to mail in items for recycling, share recycling tips with friends and family, view & track their environmental impact and much more! Our location-based features allow you to:  Search for recycling locations in your area in the worlds largest single recycling database  Includes directions, hours of operation, contact information, additional materials accepted for recycling and more for each location Get customized and timely alerts about recycling related events in your city In addition, you can:  Choose from one of 13 material categories, with more than 2,500 items, to begin your local search, or view all of the categories to discover what and how items can be recycled  Search for mail back recycling options for hundreds of items and receive information on how to mail in items for recycling  Get recycling tips and facts, then share with family and friends through email, text or Twitter  Recycling Log allows you to track your recycling progress and quantify your effect on the environment Going green starts with one small action  get started for free and start making a difference today!

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