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About Jawaker: Games & Friends

Experience ultimate entertainment and social interaction on Jawaker, the hub for popular card and board games. Enjoy 45+ games, interactive chats, and unique emotes. Download now for endless fun!

Enjoy a relaxed gaming atmosphere and play any of the following games:
- Hand, Saudi Hand, Hand Partner
- Tarneeb, Syrian Tarneeb
- Trix Complex, Trix, Trix Partner
- Baloot, Bent Al Sbeet
- Kout Bo 4, Kout Bo 6
- Estimation, Egyptian Tarneeb
- Jackaroo, Jackaroo Complex
- Dominoes, Dominoes Partner
- Chess and Dama
- OONO & OONO Plus
- Ludo with your friends
- Backgammon, Mahboseh and Tawla 31
- Shesh Besh Backgammon
- Solitaire with real players

5 reasons to download Jawaker:
- Over 45 popular games
- Play against a bot, friends, professionals or a Jawaker player somewhere in the world
- Enjoy a live voice chat for a more realistic gaming experience
- Special challenges for professionals and higher-score players
- The Jawaker support team is available around the clock!
- Sending gifts to your friends
- Create or join a club a collective experience

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