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Fun Math - 24 Game Maths Cards

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About Fun Math - 24 Game Maths Cards

Make the answer equal to 24 using 4 numbers and the + - x ÷ operators. Perfect for kids wanting to learn math while having fun.

With easy, medium and hard modes to test anybody at any level in single player. Ones you have mastered single player, then try the multiplayer out where you can compete against other players from all over the world in real time, or create private games for just you and your friends & family to play.


The Fun Maths App features:
● Addictive number games to train your brain and keep you sharp
● Multiplayer in real time against your friends
● Different difficulty settings to match any players skill
● Try beat your best times
● Global Leader board
● There is usually more than 1 way to solve the problem!
● Over 1000 Levels


WARNING, this game is highly challenging and very few people have the skills to finish the game on hard mode!

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