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About Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft

Welcome to PlanetCraft. Mine, block craft with survival and creative online games.
Play now alone or with friends in the exploration multi crafting and building. Create a mini world 3D.

● Open world multiplayer with SURVIVAL BLOCK CRAFT and CREATIVE. Build and chat
● Thousands of fun MINI WORLD 3D created by real players online for lite EXPLORATION
● Totally for FREE
● MULTI CRAFTING AND BUILDING recipes for blocks, items, tools, armor for all your needs
● Wide variety of WEAPON: bow, crossbow, snowball, splash potions etc.
● Friendly animal and hostile MOBS
● ADOPT PETS: wolf / ocelot, spawn eggs, RIDE horses
● MINE & BUILD cube farms by growing different plants. Bone meal to speed up growing process!
● Infinite size of the cube planet will make EXPLORATION, survival crafting and building experience more fun. Use home point to set a respawn point, navigate faster through a huge mindcraft planet!
● CLANS. Create your own clan or join existing one.
● Explore WOODLAND MANSIONS full of chests with great items. But be careful, they are full of new dangerous monsters.
● Use ENCHANTING. Enhance armor, tools, weapons, items, kraft unique inventory
● REDSTONE SYSTEM. Build whatever redstone circuits you can imagine
● 300+ themed SKINS
● 10+ predefined mini world to start CRAFTING AND BUILDING
● 3D HD cube graphics, 4+ texture packs, cute sounds
● Password protected parental control
● PLAY for free under internet or wifi in online multiplayer games or offline

► Global SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER allows you to mine resources & mini block craft, fight, interact with real player online on the open world server.
► CREATIVE MULTI PLAYER (Rentable, Renewable) allows you to create amazing buildings 3D according your imagination. Thousands of beautiful creations are waiting for exploration.
► SURVIVAL CRAFT & CREATIVE SINGLE PLAYER for your private joy without need of wi-fi.
► PRIVATE MAPS. Customize your private cube world settings through needs according maps modification access.

MINI GAMES: start as a prop, or hunter in Hide & Seek.

* Open world games
* Amazing 3D buildings
* Fun lite exploration
* Crafting and building recipes
* Friendly atmosphere
* Multi block craft, chat in real time
* Lots of animals
* Attacking hostile mobs
* Different weapon, enchantment etc.

Join mine block craft games with survival online multiplayer. Start creating your awesome mini world now.

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