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Get the digital time-capsule that lets you send text, voice, picture, and video messages to friends and family to an exact moment in the future - from one minute up to 25 years! Let's be honest, our social media wall has become the digital version of that old box of pictures in the attic - where memories go to fade. So how's it work? Just create content, choose a friend or friends to send it to, select a date, and send. Messages are locked until it "hatches" for the recipient. There are 67 billion uses or more, but here are some starters to get you rolling: - Send a video from some crazy night out in college to five years in the future. - Send a picture of your baby's first steps to their 18th birthday - the year they head off to college. - Never forget to send a birthday, anniversary or holiday message. - Imagine getting a birthday message from your favorite grandparent far after they're gone. - Serviceman can send timed messages while in the field or in a different time zone - so they can be the first to wish their kid or spouse a happy birthday the morning of.