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Forex Trading for Beginners

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About Forex Trading for Beginners

- Learn stock and forex trading in a friendly, risk-free trading simulator.
- Burn money, make mistakes, and have fun while learning about financial markets and fx - currency exchange.

Key features you'll discover:

- Understand the process of buying and selling currency pairs, and unlock their secret Forex nicknames such as Fiber, Cable, and Yuppy.
- Unveil the "5 asset rule" that hedge funds and the elite want to keep hidden.
- Begin trading renowned assets like Gold, Oil, TSLA, AAPL, and the S&P 500 index, just like seasoned investors.
- Explore advanced Forex technical analysis tools and trading strategies used by experienced traders.
- Delve into the fundamentals of capital markets, including the factors that influence Forex pair prices and the benefits of social trading.

TRADING SCHOOL: Enhance your knowledge with a comprehensive trading course on financial markets.

- Learn from pro traders' tips and tricks, complete lessons, and pass quizzes to master forex trading fundamentals.
- Discover how to buy and sell major currency pairs and stock market indices.
- Leverage copy trading and copy funds to improve your trading success.
- Determine the best Forex pairs to trade.
- Master Forex trading hours with an interactive market hours calculator.
- Uncover the truth about the most reliable online Forex brokers.

FX TRADING GAME: Get comfortable with real-time market price data.

- Learn to manage emotions and practice trading with virtual money to avoid real-life losses.
- Experience lightning-fast FX charting with our 6th-generation chart engine, offering 0.1 ms accuracy.
- Test your skills by growing $10,000 of virtual currency in the market simulator.
- Compete with other traders and climb the leaderboard to become the top trader.
- Win free early access to the Pro Trading Academy and receive occasional developer gifts.

TECHNICAL INDICATORS AND PROFESSIONAL TOOLS: Pinpoint better price action entries in various market conditions.

- Master Forex strategies like the "volume breakout strategy," "moving average crossover strategy," and high-probability Fibonacci sequences.
- Identify chart patterns such as the head and shoulders pattern or highly profitable support and resistance levels.
- Use built-in Trader Styles™ presets for easy switching between time frames: scalper, investor, swing, and day trader.
- DAILY SIGNALS: Save 45 hours of weekly financial market analysis

Skip time-consuming Forex factory quizzes and trend line drawing in Meta Trader. Receive two daily actionable market signals that sum up all the analysis for you, absolutely free.

-Access continuous analysis for 120+ assets, including commodities and digital assets.
-Benefit from 2 daily messages, equivalent to 9 hours of research by our expert analysts.
=Engage with the community, track your portfolio growth, vote on polls, and communicate with professional financial analysts for valuable insights.

Download the Go Forex APP today and conquer the markets without spending years in school or investing in expensive courses and webinars.

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