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About Looper

Looper is the only App that lets you repeat videos on your iOS devices or on an external screen infinitely and export a playlist of your favorite videos with a number of repetitions.

Repeat videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to external screens or on your device.

• Choose a video from your Reel, Local Videos or iCloud Drive. Select the times you want the video to repeat and voila! Select Play.

• Get Looper Pro and create infinite Playlists with the videos you need.

• You can select infinite loops to Individual Videos and Playlists.

• Do you need to export the video or a playlist with replays? No problem, click the export button! Your video will be ready to share anywhere you like.

• You can also export your video in reverse, slow motion, fast motion or in GIF format!

Cool questions, comments, or ideas? Do not be shy! • apps@iokanan.com

Before using Looper, we invite you to read our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions, Subscription Terms: http://barbapps.com/LOOPER/terms.pdf

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