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About BandLab – Music Making Studio

Create, share, and discover music without limits on BandLab – join over 60 million users expressing themselves freely on the social music platform. No matter your skill level or background, find your creative outlet with our free song maker and beat-making app!

Enter our multi-track Studio, an intuitive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to record, edit, and remix your music. Easily record music on the go, apply built-in effects, or find loops and samples from our royalty-free sound packs to build a beat. You can even access our music transcription tool AudioStretch right within the app! With creator-friendly tools like Metronome, Tuner, and AutoPitch (an Auto-Tune alternative), you’ll never run out of ways to create.

Access unlimited cloud storage and accessibility across all devices so you can take your Studio anywhere, and make music with just your desktop, tablet, or phone.

Creators do more than hit publish on BandLab’s free DAW and beat maker. Be part of a music-loving community - connect and collaborate with like-minded artists, create playlists in your favorite genre, and even watch live streams of music performances from creators.

Want to take that extra step for your music? Propel your creator journey with BandLab Membership. Score exclusive music industry access through career-changing Opportunities, get your talent noticed with paid promotion tool Boost, and unlock more artist-centric features to realize your full potential.

There’s always something new to discover. Download BandLab now to try it for yourself!


* Sampler – Make your own samples by recording sounds around you, or choose from over 15,000 royalty-free sounds and beats from BandLab Sounds to build a beat.
* 16-Track Studio – Bring your Studio anywhere. Access our multi-track DAW from anywhere – use it as an audio recording app, build a beat right from your phone, and more!
* 330+ Virtual MIDI Instruments – Need 808s for your beats, or synthesizers for your lead lines? Access over 330+ cutting-edge Virtual MIDI instruments to craft your beats right in Studio!
* Metronome and Tuner – In need of music creation tools that keep up with you? Practice anywhere with our in-app Metronome and Tuner – designed for the modern music maker and producer like yourself.
* 300+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass Audio Presets – Unlock a curated library of world-class effects and presets for free. From ambient sounds to modulation effects, change up your sound in an instant with high-quality audio presets.
* AutoPitch - Record your best vocals yet with this quality Auto-Tune alternative. Experiment and get creative with five unique vocal effects – Classic, Duet, Robot, Big Harmony, and Modern Rap.
* Looper – New to composing? Just pick a Looper pack in a genre you like, load it up, and you’ll have a starting point for building a simple beat or crafting a backing track!
* Mastering – Master unlimited tracks online for free before releasing your songs. Get a polished sound at top speed with four mastering presets, created by Grammy-winning producers and sound engineers.
* Remix Tracks – Need inspiration for your next masterpiece? Put your unique twist on a public “Forkable” track shared by a fellow creator – remix their song and make it your own!
* Easy Beat Making - No matter your level of experience, it’s easy to craft a simple beat to rap or sing over. Start with premade royalty-free samples and artist packs, or create your own in Studio.
* Creator Connect - Connect with like-minded creators from around the world and start an epic music collaboration, wherever you are.

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