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Battery Watcher

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About Battery Watcher

Battery Watcher gives you the status of your iPhone battery right on your Apple Watch!

Battery Watcher now supports watchOS 5 and Apple Watch Series 4!!

Battery Watcher now leverages the new Apple Watch background processing to keep your Apple Watch up to date with the latest battery level of your iPhone.

New Features:
- Complications: Check the status of your iPhone battery right from your watch face!
- Time Travel: Now you can look back and see what the power level of your iPhone was in the last 24 hours
- Battery Level Premium: Upgrade to Battery Level Premium and get the charge history of iPhone battery right on your watch in an easy to use visual graph. Use the Digital Crown to view all the iPhone battery level history for the past 24 and 72 hours!
- Full Charge Alert: If you purchase Battery Level Premium, you can receive an alert when your iPhone reaches full charge!

For those that want to know how much battery life your iPhone has left without pulling it out of your pocket, this app is for you!

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