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Rabbit Evolution | Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game

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•••••••••••New Feature: Automatic Open Box •••••••••••••• Rabbit is so little cute creature and the most gentle animal. One day, some scientific experiments made those rabbits start to mutate. Would you like to know what mutations happening to them? Combine rabbits to evolve them and discover their most strange, fantastic and visionary forms! You never seen so many mutations and crazy features in other games! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INSTRUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Put same type rabbits together to mutate new creatures • Rabbits poop can become coins and your money incoming • Use rabbits coins to buy new animals and new tools update • You can also tap the rabbits to make more coins • More features can let the mutations more fun ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • There are more than 30 rabbits for you to discove • This game is a similar game with alpaca evolution but more fun • Different endings and possibility: find your own rabbit world to be special one than others • Poop, get coins…. repeat and your will love it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYER FEEDBACK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REALLY FUN AND ADDICTING! This game.... I just can't stop playing! It's fun and never ending and addicting...... It's one of those games that's a time waster! I lay in bed at 6:00 pm and when I look at the clock after I played this game it was 1:00 am!!! And I'm not done yet, I'm gonna go play some more! BYE! By Cindy9903 Addictive!!!! My eight year old brother got this app it looked really stupid. Later I tried the app and it was so much fun! It is really easy to use and great for road trips! By Balletgurrrl Great Game! This game is great. Three generations of our family play this happily, without fighting, looking at each other's creations, and cheering each other on. This is game works well, even for my 5 yr old granddaughter! It is addictive and I would recommend it to everyone, even using it to help hand-eye coordination. By RngrLdr Funny and cute I downloaded it thinking it would be a alpaca evolution type game. But then I realized it's more like cookie clickers and it's just SOOOO funny and cute to watch By Fashion love ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a simulator rabbit world, think you are one rabbit or the god of rabbits. Disclaimer: Although this Game is free to play, some content can be purchased for real money in game. If you do not want to use these features, please turn off in-app purchases in your device's settings.