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VUSE App is only compatible with VUSE Connect™ devices which are only available in select markets and online. This app is not compatible with VUSE Solo™ devices. VUSE Connect™ is compatible and intended to only be used with the VUSE brand cartridges. The VUSE App unlocks the true power of VUSE Smart Technology™ found inside VUSE Connect™. Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, the VUSE App communicates with the VUSE Connect Device providing real time access to a wide range of features. Battery and cartridge status keeps you informed throughout your experience. Child Lock Settings offer two different methods of locking your device to prevent unauthorized use. Cartridge Usage allows you to track your vapor use over time. Multi-device management allows you to use the VUSE app in conjunction with multiple VUSE Connect devices; track battery status, and identify which VUSE unit is currently being displayed on screen. Provides the option to disable the SmartLight® Warning: To enable the App, this PowerUnit ® must be connected to a Vuse Cartridge which contains nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant. Nicotine is addictive and no tobacco product has been shown to be safe. VUSE products are not for sale to minors.

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