Democratic vs. Republican

Per campaign contributions, most Dylans are Democrats and most Duanes are Republicans. Mohammads overwhelmingly support Clinton. Karls disproportionately donate to Sanders.
Data source: FEC donor data, 1996 to 2016.
Design and engineering by Verdant Labs. More info here.

Who favored each 2016 presidential candidate?

Below: Donors most skewed toward each candidate.
  • Clinton
  • Mohammad
  • Liz
  • Juan
  • Sanders
  • Karl
  • Ian
  • Aaron
  • Trump
  • Bobby
  • Curtis
  • Kent
  • Cruz
  • Billy
  • Gene
  • Travis
  • Kasich
  • Glen
  • Rodney
  • Martin

Which way does your name lean?

Below: Names ordered by ratio of Democratic to Republican donors.
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