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The easiest to use and setup credit processing application for the Android operating system.
If you are a commercial entity, a non profit or a large business and need to process credit cards regardless of where you are and you have an Android phone... "There's an App for That".
Note: You will of course need to have a merchant account and manage it with one of the Internet's premier merchant processing companies which is Authorize.Net (A CyberSource Solution). If you already have an account with, you are half way there. You will just need to get the login Id and transaction key from their web site in order to get started. If you do not have an account, visit them at to get started.

1) All preferences are in a centralized location.
2) An option is provided to receive an email containing detailed transaction information.
3) Location information, if wanted, will be included in purchase information email.
4) By turning the phone sideways, the customer can sign their name at the time of purchase.
5) The customer can elect to specify a tip as a percentage of the sale by touching the "tip" label or tip amount on the signature screen.
6) A default tip amount and tax amount can be set in the preferences.
7) The merchant can change the tax amount at the time of purchase by entering the tax amount, as a percentage of the purchase, on the main Charge screen or by touching the "tax" label or "tax" amount on the signature screen.
(8) Need to Void a transaction? Choose a transaction and Void it.
(9) Performing is easy. Select a transaction and enter the amount of the refund.

You can email us at if you have any technical questions.
Please contact us at for terms of use prior to using the PaymentQ software. This simply articulates our standard software disclaimer.

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