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Recall is a utility tool which makes it possible to crop screenshots and save or share them right after you take them. Recall makes it possible to add tags, title and notes to an edited screenshot and categorizes them under the tag names for easy reference.

Tags are added with "@".

When adding notes, you can easily highlight specific words with a hashtag (#)

How it works!
Android doesn't provide any API's to provide a user app the ability to intercept system-wide features like screenshot taking or notification clearing for obvious reasons. (That'd be very terrible) So after you take a screenshot as you'd normally do, Recall is able get the screenshot file location and display it providing you with the necessary tools to crop and share your images. After editing and saving or sharing, Recall saves your cropped image and automatically deletes the original screenshot file in order to avoid duplicates.

Just as any other app, there will always be #BUGS! please report!

Thanks :)

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