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Give us 10 minutes a day and we'll teach you how speak with a standard American accent in no time.

You will learn to pronounce difficult vowels and consonants with the help of our guided audio recordings and practice sessions.

Scientifically proven: this accent reduction method is used by speech language pathologists to help anyone who wants or needs to quickly and effectively eliminate their accent.

Personalized: listen to the guided audio recording to discover common mistakes made by speakers of your native language.

Fast: all it takes is 10 minutes a day over three months to reduce your accent. Remember to practice what you've learned in your everyday conversations.

Track your progress: record a word and compare it to its standard pronunciation

# American accent
# +100 lessons with audio recordings
# 39 phonemes
# 50 minimal pairs
# +100,000 words, ranked by frequency
# +20,000 sentences & tongue twisters
# pronunciation playbacks for every word & sentence
# record your pronunciation
# bookmark function to review difficult words at a later time
# chose your preferred set of phonetic symbols (Arpabet or IPA)

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