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Add Contact is used to add roughly 300 contacts per day and users spent on average 5 seconds per contact.

Add Contact provides 3 functions to simplify adding new contacts:

1. Add a new contact from a dialpad. Optionally an SMS with your name will be sent to the new contact.

2. View your contacts in most recently added order.

3. Add a new contact directly from an SMS message containing that contacts name.

Add Contact IS meant to make it fast to add new contacts and easy to access them right away. If you want to add mobile numbers of new friends (or enemies) more quickly or see your most recently added contacts, this is the app for you.

Add Contact IS NOT a dedicated contact manager. If you want a manager that allows you to input a number, email, business, address etc all at once, this is not the app for you.

If you are looking for a dedicated contact manager, checkout Dossier.

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