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PassPal is a password organizer. It helps you store, maintain, and organize your passwords and logins. PassPal is unencrypted.

For a secure version of PassPal we encourage you to purchase PassPal+. It is the same interface but is protected with AES-256 and Bcrypt making it extremely secure.

*Because of the security in place, when upgrading to PassPal+, your password database cannot be automatically transferred.

*If you have PassPal or PassPal+ installed, and your device gets updated to a newer version of Android, the app may become unusable. If you have an Android update pending, you will need to copy down all of your passwords, uninstall PassPal or PassPal+, update your device, then re-install PassPal or PassPal+, and re-enter all of your passwords. Upgrading from Android 4.2 to 4.4 is the only scenario where this occurs, so if you're already on Android 4.4, you're good to go.