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Your Feedback App changing the way you take feedback from anyone.

What is "Your Feedback App" ?
Every successful business has some reason behind it, some businesses are successful due to their owners business capability and some are with the help of their customer feedback. This Application is for those who have great mind to do business and in need of Feedback from customers.

To get an extra charm to your business here we presenting a feedback app which can be installed in any android device. It can be a new way and a better experience to take feedback from the customer. It will store the feedback on your own device to do monitoring of your business, simply pull out your android device and ask customer to give feedback on "Your Feedback App". you can also ask him/her to share the rating for you on Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp.

How does "Your Feedback App" works ?
Your Feedback App is for all kind of business which provide services to customer. It is a smarter way to get feedback you just have to fill your Profile details and ask the customer to a feedback about your product or services.Customer can also give rating. You can also ask them to click some memories with you which will proceed to take a snap of your customer. You can share it on your Facebook page/WhatsApp/Twitter.So that people can know your rating for your services/product.

How to get your own customized "Your Feedback App" ?
If you want any extra feature we will provide you. (In add-on feature you can get the backup of your stored data you can also see your performance charts ).
You can contact us to make a feedback chain for your business running at different places. we can also customize the user interface(eg. smart interface) of an app as per your demand.

How to contact ?
Fill free to contact us on
You can find our other details on "Your Feedback App" ContactUs menu.

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