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Are you afraid of remembering streets and localities?
Are you new to a city and finding it difficult to remember the places?
Are you afraid of losing your parked car location?

This Application can save your time and can make your life easier.
Usually, we have to visit some places like relative's or friend's place, some party zone, preferred restaurants or any other place which we are not able to remember.
Sometimes we even forget the parking location or the number of the car which we had hired.

Now here’s a solution to all your problems.

This App is going to manage all these things for you and store it in your phone’s local storage.

All you need to do is save your location with a location name by using your current location or by typing any location (which will be verified by Google). Along with location, you can save an image of that location which will help you to recognize it later on.
This app can get your current location even without network provided connection but for better accuracy it is suggested to have a network provided connection. But for entering location as text, one should compulsorily have a network provided connection.
Later at any point of time you can even navigate to your preferred location.

Key Features:
1. Save any number of Locations along with an image (optional) which will be saved in your local storage.
2. Get all possible routes to navigate from your current location or any saved location to any other saved location.
3. Add any well-known verified location directly (will be verified by Google) by entering location name like any Shopping Mall, Theater, Restaurant and many more along with locality and city name.
4. Edit any saved location later also.

* Location sharing between users will be there in the next major build.

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