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Secret video recording camera is a spy camera which You can use to record videos secretly without preview , when screen is turned off or while using other app. You can also use this spy camera for recording videos at specific time using timer.
-- Adjust timer and record videos secretly at a specific time and for a specific period
- Select "mute shutter sound" to stop the camera shutter sound (may not work in some devices)
- Change preview opacity by using preview opacity seek bar
- Change the preview size by selecting one of the available preview sizes
- You can turn your screen off and record videos
- To record videos with no preview and no recording button deselect "show preview" and "show recording button if no preview" then click start. Click stop to stop recording
- To start and stop recording when preview is shown click on the preview
- Click the closing button of the preview to hide the preview (if the application is recording this will not stop recording to stop recording you should click the preview or click stop from the main application screen)
- If the orientation of the recorded video is not correct you can adjust it from setting by changing "back or front camera video orientation"
- You can change preview size from settings
- You can start and stop recording when the recording button is shown by clicking it
- Drag preview to change its location
- To remove the preview screen, the recording button or stop recording click stop from main screen
- Clicking stop from main screen will stop the service
- The application saves videos to your primary external storage at "secret Video Camera" folder
- Ability to change the application icon
- Ability to change recorded videos saving location
- Ability to enable password protection (when the application start enter your password and the application will start automatically the default password 1234)
- Ability to remove the recording button from a status bar notification (please do not forget stopping the application's service from the application)
A new beta version of the application is now available at this link

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