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Learn the formulae to calculate and administer drugs for adults, practise your skills and see how well you’re doing with this 40 minute app.

Learn how to:
• use a formula to calculate the number of millilitres for infusions and boluses of drugs
• calculate millilitres per hour and drops per minute when running volumes of solutions
• use the metric system and a variety of concentrations
• demonstrate using a variety of expressed concentrations in calculations.

This app is designed for nurses and midwives who are newly qualified, returning to practice, adapting to practice in the UK and any other nurse or midwife who wants to update their practice in accordance with their personal/professional development plan.

PLEASE NOTE: you will need approximately 17 Mb for the App and and 11Mb for Adobe Air to be installed in your device in order to use the Flash animations and video content in this App. You will automatically be prompted to install Adobe Air if not already on your device.

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