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Hi, sweets are all favorites. After every meal we want a wonderful dessert. Every day we prepare a dessert with fruits and today we want to do the same. We want to make a cake with lemon because it is our children's favorite. Although we have a beautiful kitchen, very well equipped and have all the ingredients that are listed in the recipe and we need the help of a very good cook. Do you want to help us through this lemon cake cooking game for kids? Do you want to practice your culinary skills? If you want to prove to everyone that you can cook very well this cooking game for girls will help you.
For the cake come out very good, please be very careful in how you comply with the instructions of this cooking game for children. Remember that you have to respect the time required!
Good luck!

- At first you have to enter into the kitchen and then you have to get all the ingredients you need;
- Now you will have to cut the oranges and then squeeze them to get the best juice;
- Next you need to enter the following ingredients in a bowl: flour, cocoa, milk, eggs, salt, sugar, vanilla extract and mix well;
- Now place the mixture into the forms and enter in the oven for a few minutes;
- Decorate the cupcakes as you wish;
- Muffins look great and certainly are very delicious.

Thank you for your help you are a very good cook and please come back to help us through this cooking muffins game for girls.

Have fun and good appetite!

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