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Girls,there is a cute girl named Coco,she is a very active girl.She wants to go for an outing this spring by herself. Even though she is only a little girl,she had went for an outing by herself in autumn last year. Girls,do you support her go outing by herself? Let’s see what will Coco prepare for the outing?

The game features
Prepare all kinds of outing necessities and put them in the suitcase.She likes feeding birds and go fishing,so don’t forget take the birds food and fishing back. If you have no time to do these things you can skip this step.
Help her put the suitcase in the car,and make her happy to start.
Arrange the outing things on the temporary table. And have lunch with Coco. You know she takes some delicious food. So she can’t wait to eat them.
Rest for a while,feed the birds. And go fishing beside the river. If you don’t like birds or fish,you can skip this step.
As the sun begin to go down you should help her put away the outing things and go home. Her mother will drive her back.
You know she likes fish,so she bring some cute fish to home and wants to make a warm home for them. So let’s arrange water,sand and grass for the fish.
I believe Coco will have a good time with your help. And there will be many other girls games which will bring you happiness. If you like this game,don’t forget share with your friends.

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