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The Girl in the Window

Dark Dome
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About The Girl in the Window

The town of Hidden Town is scared. Very strange things are happening. Villagers claim to have seen the figure of a girl who looks out from the window of one of the houses. Which is very strange, because that house has been abandoned for 20 years.

The Girl in the Window is the first point and click game the Dark Dome with which the series of a dark town called Hidden Town would begin surrounded by ancient mysteries. In this game you play Dan, a curious guy who has entered an abandoned house and has been locked up. You will have to solve riddles and puzzles, open drawers and decipher codes, everything in your power to escape the room.
This is the introduction to two of our most beloved characters from the Hidden Town universe: Dan and Mia.

You can play the Dark Dome games in any order, you will be able to see how the stories are connected in each chapter to reveal the mysteries of Hidden Town. This is our first episode and it has connections to our fourth game: The ghost Case.

- What you will find in this game:

A room surrounded by puzzles, objects that move by themselves and characters that come to life. Observe the entire environment to be able to solve the puzzles.

An interesting story with a lot of mystery and an unexpected plot twist. You won't believe the revealing ending.

A deep and dark art that will make you feel part of this adventure from beginning to end.

A complete hint system that can guide you through this interactive story whenever you find yourself trapped.

- Premium version:
We have a Premium Version with which you will access a secret scene in which you will play an additional Hidden Town story with extra riddles and puzzles. It will also remove all ads from the game, giving you access to all hints directly without seeing ads.

- How to play:
Interact with objects in the environment by touching them. Use inventory items on in-game objects or combine them with each other to create a new item to help you continue the story.
Test your wits with these brain teasers.

“Immerse yourself in the enigmatic stories of the Dark Dome escape games and reveal all its secrets. There are still many mysteries to be unraveled in Hidden Town."

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