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This app is essential for any math student. Draw, chart, graph and plot linear, quadratic, trigonometry and custom equations. Get quadratic roots. Learn and understand math through graphs and equations. This app It is unique because it allows the user to interact with the graphic layout, enabling drag vertices and intersection points, and get in real-time the changes that occur in the equation coefficients.

## Key Features ##

- Several examples of mathematical equations with charts of the most dif, ferent ways;
- Module for the assembly of equations f (x). Allows the use of parentheses, basic mathematical operators (+, -, *, /) and many mathematical functions such as sin, cos, tan, ln, sqrt, cube, abs, acos, asin, atan;
- Module for the construction and analysis of linear equations, enabling the drag of all the points of intersection between the line and the graphics axes;
- Module for the construction and analysis of quadratic equations, enabling drag the vertex of the parabola, and the parable of the intersection points with the graphics axes;
- Module for trigonometric analysis.

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