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Welcome to one of the most lovely, beautiful and biggest cake factory girl games of 2019! If cake baking skills is what you are looking for to improve, this kind of beautiful cake cooking game is what you would certainly love to play, either you want to cook mouth-watering birthday cakes, a brownie, maybe some wedding cakes or any other special occasion this is where you can learn how to make any crazy cake with a lot of colors for a celebration or any other festive event with friends! There are many days to celebrate: a wedding, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving… Watch out to not burn your creations!

Here are some cake making games with levels for free in which you will learn step by step how to use different fancy kitchen utensils and how to combine all kinds of tasty ingredients for your creations like candy, cherry, apple, bananas, pear, strawberry, peach, chocolate and of course flour, butter, milk, sugar and eggs in a bowl to become the ultimate cake master.
Obviously, you can’t imagine a delicious dessert without a topping or other yummy cake decorations which makes it looks like a real cake.

A real baker knows not only one recipe but quite a few cake baking recipes and a chef master knows how to mix all ingredients in order to prepare, bake, decorate and finally serve the perfect cake!

Are you ready to become the next master cooking your own dough? There are many cake designs you can master: the yummy chocolate cake, orange cake, cheesecake or the candy cake! Make sure you always use fresh ingredients from the fridge!

Cake cooking will not be your only task with these cake recipes. You will learn to elaborate pan cakes, muffins or cupcakes. Cake decorating is key for the elaboration of the cupcake so prepare the frosting with icing sugar and some fruit and stir it with the mixer. This is one of the most amazing toppings and it does not need cooking!

Did you know that baking cakes in oven or microwave and serving this kind of beautiful desert is also something that needs all your attention? Well if you’re not baking in a professional kitchen or mostly serving in house, the food and cake home delivery is the service you are looking for, cause delivering this kind of food needs high cooking skills that can take you to the top level. Skills such as the gift wrap with the wrapping paper and stickers and decorate the box with a nice bow that you could definitely prove in this fun cake maker game.

You probably also wonder what is what you will be cooking in the chef salon, cake factory or in the beautiful bakery. We’re happy to let you know that there are bakery items on each level and cooking a donut, some delicious waffles or regular cakes for a birthday is the daily basis in these baking games.

Warm summer days coming ahead? No problem, as a chef, cooking some apple ice cream or a milkshake is the kind of food you’ll enjoy preparing in the levels of this cake kids food making game, either we’re talking about some tower shape ice cream, beautiful rainbow colored ones, or others that are made for a queen, king or a gorgeous princess you’ll most likely to manage to achieve your goal in these cooking games.

As a girl learning to become a chef, this kind of beautiful cake apps for the whole family are the ones helping you unleashing your imagination and creativity and also find evolution with different levels of difficulty that will challenge you in these cake cooking games.

We really hope that you have much fun! Design and create a real delicious masterpiece! Remember that good cake making and cake recipes are the best gift!!

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