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I'm Scout is a romantic star simulation game for all kids to play.
Hi!Dear friends!Welcome to I'm Scout!It's a journey about star and manager,dressup skills and dreams.What are you waiting for?Here,you will become the star manager,you create,you control the star from ancient to modern,from Asia to Europe.Experience the whole growth process of a super star,continuation of the dream in your youth!Billions of fashion dress,hundreds of star characters,an endless stream of emergencies,star career of ups and downs.Collect various characters in adventures.So now,let's sign up!And start your challenge!

Game Features:
- Romantic Star Simulation game
- I'm Scout,start by meeting you
- Billions of fashion dress is available for you to choose
- Become the star manager,use your skill to create a super star
- Ancient and modern,Asia and Europe star characters
- You are the protagonist form now,come and collect star characters
- Easily collect various characters,sign up now
- Exquisite scenes,lively flash,beautiful background music

Contact us :
If you have any doubts,suggestions or you need some technical support,please tell us. We will be there for you 24 hours every day. Email:estaff@youkongwan.com

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