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Ask the world, anonymously. Write short questions and send them out to the world for instant feedback. They'll cast their vote and you can view the results immediately!

For questions you can't Google.

Unsure if something is a good idea? Ask the world; Catsup it. Want to get other people's opinions on a decision? Ask the world; Catsup it. Want to know what's better than what? Ask the world; Catsup it.

You can also cast your own vote on an unlimited amount of random yes or no questions asked by other users from around the world. Simply tap your answer, see what the current results are - and move on to the next question! The quickest, easiest social polling app available!

Anonymous polling at its finest.

Ever wanted to give an opinion on Twitter or Facebook but don't want your friends and followers being bombarded with every opinion you have? Catsup allows you to give your opinion and let off steam without your Facebook friends having their news feed filled with your opinions and without your Twitter followers unfollowing you because you're clogging up their feed! You can also have a secret strong opinion about something you don't want your Twitter followers and Facebook friends knowing, because Catsup is completely anonymous!

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