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Atlantis Island Treasure Hunt

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Atlantis Island Treasure Hunt

Atlantis Island has a big treasure, your job goes to Atlantis Island and find the treasure, then get the treasure using your brain. Get the all hidden objects at this point and click game and get all clues to open the unlocked locks. Use your brain skill to get the treasure. Come, let's hunt the treasure. Best of luck.


Point, click, drag, and drop only use for puzzle solving.
No chance to see this type of game before.
Ultimate enthusiastic many parts of the cave.
Play even more game to click more games button.
Free of cost.
Atlantis Island Treasure Hunt old cave.
Cave of Atlantis Island Treasure Hunt Treasure Cave Escape Game.
Updated with new Level.
100% Free to Download.
Awesome Graphics and technic.
Room Escape Game App.
Cave Escape Game.
Cave of Atlantis Island Treasure Hunt Secret Tree Cave.
Adventure Game.
Adventure Treasure Hunt Game.
Treasure hunting.
Treasure Hunt Game in Cave.
Puzzles to Solve.
Free Escape Game.
Atlantis Island Treasure Hunt.
More than an hour game play.
Find Hidden Objects.

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